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Download Willber Pan – “808”

Language: Mandarin
Release Date: 2011.01.14

01. 全面通緝 – Quan Mian Tong Ji
02. 未來愛情 – Wei Lai Ai Qing
03. 觸動 – Chu Dong
04. U U U
05. 電腦 – Dian Nao
06. 次世代 – Ci Shi Dai
07. 我們都怕痛 – Wo Men Dou Pa Tong
08. 小小螞蟻 – Xiao Xiao Ma Yi
09. 我的電話 – Wo De Dian Hua
10. 肩膀 – Jian Bang
11. 最終 – Zui Zhong

Download klik here

source: ihoneyjoo



Anyeonghaseyo.. wo men shi the 5th mei mei.. this blog describe everything about asian. start from actress or actor, movie or drama series,

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