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Links Dowload SNSD Part 1

Kalo kalian lagi jatuh cinta ama SNSD. Kalo kalian bener bener SONE. ayo click ! link dibawah ini !!

[MV] SNSD – Into The New World:

[MV] SNSD – Kissing U

[MV] SNSD – Girls Generation

[MV] SNSD – Baby2

[MV] SNSD – Gee

[MV] SNSD – GEE MV HDTV (1920×1080).tp, very super HQ

[MV] SNSD – Way To Go

[MV] Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)

[MV] S.N.S.D + Super Junior+ B.E.G – We Are The World


MP3 Instrument SNSD

SNSD – Tell Me Your Wish [Instr.]

SNSD – Etude [Instr.]

SNSD – Girlfriend [Instr.]

Jessica & Onew – One Year Later [Instr.]

Taeyeon – Can You Hear Me [Instr.]

Taeyeon – If [Instr.]


SNSD – Etude [Vocal Only]

cr. ~linhchi15~@soshified
re-upload by Den’Z @ soshindo

MV] Taeyeon & Sunny – Sarang Ingulyo (It’s Love)

Part 001

Part 002

Part 003

cr. soshified
re-up by Den’Z @ Soshindo

join use hjsplit..
kl ga ngerti joinnya, tnya y.. ^^

link hjsplit:
(portable kok, ga perlu install)

[CF] Innisfree – Yoona (15s & 30s)

15 Second

30 Second

cr. soshified
re-uplod by Den’Z @ Soshindo

[CF] Samyang Ramyun – SNSD

Samyang Ramyun CF (36s) – Taeyeon, Tiffany & Yoona

Samyang Ramyun CF (36s) – Sunny, Yoona & Seohyun

Samyang Ramyun CF (36s) -Tiffany, Yuri & Hyoyeon

Samyang Ramyun CF(36s) – Jessica, Sooyoung & Taeyeon

cr. snsdchina | soshified
re-upload by Den’Z @ Soshindo

kl mp3 theme song CF nya:
SNSD – Boiling

segini dulu part 1 nya silakan di tunggu part 2 !! ^^
all credit for thread download @ SOHINDO FATED on Facebook



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