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Top 50 Chart KPop…!!!! ( 06 September – 12 September’10 )

1. DJ DOC (I’m This Kind Of Person)
2. Homme (Eat Well)
3. Secret (Madonna)
4. BoA (Hurricane Venus)
5. Jo Sung Mo (I Want To Cheat)
6. Seo In Kook (My Baby U)
7. Rainbow (A)
8. Se7en (Better Together)
9. SHINee (Lucifer)
10. Hwanhee (..While Doing)

11. Miss A (Bad Girl Good Girl)
12. Davichi (Better Together)
13. Zi-A (Just A Smile)
14. Eru (White Tears)
15. Chae Yeon (Look Look Look)
16. Narsha (Mamma Mia)
17. Lee Seung Ki (I Must Have Been Out Of My Mind: SBS Drama “MY Girlfriend Is A Nine-Tailed Fox” OST)
18. Infinite (She’s Back)
19. Park Jae Bum & Brave Brothers (I Want To Cry)
20. Lee Seung Chul (That Person)

21. Chae Yeon (Look Look Look)
22. Nam Gyuk Band (Because I Love You Because I Love You)
23. JQT (Nothing For You to Know)
24. Park Hyo Shin (I Love You)
25. Cho Shin Sung (On The Days I Miss You)
26. MC Mong ft. Mellow (Hurt to the Extent of Death)
27. Park Myung Soo, Nicole (Whale)
28. (I’ll Back Off So Live Well)
29. Bobby Kim (Loner)
30. Sung Eun (What’s The Point of Being In Love?)

31. Son Dam Bi (Queen)
32. 2PM (Thank You)
33. Navi (Listen Until the End)
34. HybRefine (Cosmic Dance)
35. FT Island (Love Love Love)
36. Sistar (Shady Girl)
37. Tim with Sung Yuri (Love Declaration)
38. Gil Me ft. K.Will (Sorry for Loving You)
39. Tei (Calling You Because I’m Crazy)
40. Various Artists (Our Night Is More Beautiful Than Your Day)

41. Park Ji Hun (Three Things I Want to Give You )
42. Teen Top (Clap)
43. Wheesung (Even Thought of Marriage)
44. Kim Yeon Woo (Sometimes I Cry Alone)
45. Nine Muses (No Playboy)
46. 4 minute (I My Me Mine)
47. IU & Yoo Seung Ho (I Believe In Love)
48. 2PM Joon Soo & Jung Woo (Rain Drops Falling)
49. Jo Gyu Chan (Morning)
50. Dear Cloud (Same Space as Before, Same Song)

Source: soompi
via KLI 2
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