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Cara menonton dan mendownload “Playful Kiss”

Aku ketemu nih cara menonton dan mendownload “Playful kiss”. Ada beberapa cara. Semoga kalian nggak bingung. Gimana caranya? Liat di bawah ini 🙂

Episode 1


– Baros Raw Torrent file
– Raw file links
– Hans Raw Torrent file
– Hans Raw Megaupload file

English sub

Viikii – 1;2;3;4

Chinese sub

tskscn – 1;2;3;4;5;6


Chinese TSKS sub Torrent file
Chinese TSKS sub Megaupload download
Chinese TSKS sub QQ
Chinese TSKS sub 115盘
Chinese TSKS FS download
Chinese TSKS sub

Episode 2


– MHans torrent file
– Baros torrent file
– MHans 480p XVID Video
– Hans 480p XVID Video

English sub

viikii – 1;2;3;4

Chinese sub

tskscn – 1;2;3;4;5;6


Chinese TSKS sub Torrent file
Chinese TSKS video file


TVAnts > click TVAnts to download

MBC Live Streaming > click HERE to go to MBC webby. Best with IE too. You need to be a registered member. Go here and click foreigner living abroad then you can already decipher what to do next. Then you’ve to download ActiveX. > works with IE

Windows Media Player > Open URL then copy and paste >

TVSBox best using IE. just click on the station you want to watch

Friall TV > just click on the play button [but buffering may be terrible]


Viiki: HERE
MySoju: HERE

Remember, there is also a JangKiss Subs in Youtube too! ^^

source: asiaholics

credit : hotspicykimchi© RAINAFTERSHNE

shared : fiaboice@asianfamily.wp



Anyeonghaseyo.. wo men shi the 5th mei mei.. this blog describe everything about asian. start from actress or actor, movie or drama series,

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