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Wawancara dengan Super Junior

Anggota Super Junior punya waktu untuk mengungkapkan kisah kehidupan mereka dalam sebuah wawancara baru-baru ini. Di bawah ini adalah hasil wawancara bersama dengan foto mereka.
Q: (Interviewer) Some members weren’t part of the fourth album. How does that feel?
A: (Kim Hee-Chul) Of course, I am very disappointed. I was feeling sad and it was very hard at times.
Q: Shin Dong’s cryptic message was solved by a fan. What did the management company (SM) say?
A: (Kim Hee-Chul) Since the company didn’t know the content, they let it (cryptic message) be printed on the album. (laugh)
A: (Shin Dong) If I have told the company what it meant, they would have postponed it to be included on the next album. (laugh)
A: (Kim Hee-Chul) Shin Dong felt sorry for the implications that he had caused to other Super Junior members because of the incident.
A: (Lee Teuk) We are thankful that the news articles were usually positive regarding the incident.
Q: If you have any plans of getting married, let say if the album sells good…..
A: (Lee Teuk) May be they should get married if the album sells over a million copies….
A: (Shin Dong) May be we should get married if the album sells less than million copies…
A: (Kim Hee-Chul) I will be the wedding singer if they get married.
Q: Don’t you feel that your newest title song Mi-In-Ah sound too similar with Sorry Sorry?
A: (Lee Teuk) We know. However, we think that is our color/style. It is on a sort of extention of Sorry Sorry but it is also a final version of Sorry Sorry.
Q: Kim Hee-Chul revealed that he had thoughts on quitting Super Junior in talk show Strong Heart.
A: (Lee Teuk) Hee-Chul and I agreed to just remain as friends. We never talked about work-related topics before. However, after some events we decided to talk about work-related topics. And things got better.
A: (Kim Hee-Chul) Lee Teuk and I are on the extreme ends of a personality spectrum. Before, I didn’t enjoy participating in an entertainment program with other Super JuniorLee Teuk and Shin Dong, things got better and now I enjoy participating in an entertainment show with other members. members. There were many conflicts and misunderstandings. So I enjoyed showing up by myself. However, after having a serious talk with
Source: allkoreangossip

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