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100 truths about Lee hong ki FT Island

Hello everyone.. today i want to sharing about Hongki’s 100 Truths. When i read it, i can’t stop smile because there are some questions answered with a funny words. Hm.. are you want to know, let’s check it out 🙂

001. Name: Lee Hongki
002. Birthday: Feb 6th
003. Location: Gyonggido Gwangju
004. Bloodtype: AB
005. Weight & Height: 56kg, 176cm
006. Favourite Food: Samgyetang [chicken + ginseng soup]
007. Food you dislike: Capsicum / green pepper
008. Person you like: Her [who who who??]
009. Favourite Music Genre: Punk
010. Celebrity you hate: dont have one
011. Your 18th song: i used to have a lot but now i dont remember
012. First love? had one
013. First kiss? 3rd Year of Junior High
014. TV Program you often watch: M Countdown
015. Favourite Flower: dont have one
016. First place you look on the opposite sex?: Chest (dont think of me weirdly)
017. Favourite hairstyle on the opposite sex? Natural
018. Eye sight: 0.1
019. Age you want to get married: 32
020. Favourite snack: Banana kick
021. Favourite fruit: Watermelon, melon (Sweet ones)
022. Favourite Colour: Blue
023. Favourite clothing style: whatever i like
024. Most loved Posessions: clothes, shoes, camera, bag
025. Movie you remember most: The movie i watched recently – The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor ,,,, phew
026. My good points: i wonder what they are?
027. My bad points: my mood changes really fast
028. My charm points: hmm i wonder what?
029. Complex: My hair grows so fast lately
030. Things you do in your spare time: Sleep
031. Skill: Malttukppakgi [a korean game]
032. Habit: Biting the skin around my fingernails
033. Thing you want to do for the person you love: Take her on a drive to the beach early in the morning
034. Thing you want to do with the person you love: Couple ring (never did it before)
035. Favourite Animal: Puppy
036. Animal you hate: creepy ones
037. Wearing right now: training/sweat pants
038. Favourite Foreign Actor: Angelina Jolie, Elisha Cuthbert
039. Shampoo used: what they gave me at the shops
040. When are you most annoyed: When people are loud while I’m sleeping
041. Feeling after looking at a mirror: my skin… hyu~
042. How do you feel about yourself: What am I meant to write here —
043. How did you meet a currently close friend? What are you saying
044. Things you always carry around with you: Ipod, sunglasses, lyrics book
045. Last months cellphone bill: Do you want to give me a cellphone?
046. Drinking limit: I’ll tell you when I’m 20
047. Drinking habit: I’ll tell you when I’m 20
048. Runaway home experiences:
049. What do you want to say to your parents? I love you
050. Your Mums dream: I knew it.. but I can’t remember
051. Your personality: Bright, playful, and like to bug people
052. Longest time you waited for someone: Back then I was the one who was always late
053. Do you keep your promises well? Yes
054. Places you met your friends: Back then.. game room, Seohyun Station
055. Bed time: 2~3 o clock [aww poor hongki doesnt get enough sleep =( ]
056. When do you hate your parents most: Never
057. How do you express your happiness? Do something cute, do some weird dance kekeke
058. How many flowers did you receive from the opposite sex? None other than the ones from my graduation ceremony
059. How many times you’ve dated: Take a guess
060. Where do you go when you meet guy friends: Billiard Room, Internet Cafe
061. Favourite character: none
062. Family: mum, dad, younger sister
063. When the person you like is angry: I get angry too for the time being
064. If the person you like wants to break up with you: If I’m crazily in love with her I’d hold on.
065. If the person you like wants to kiss you: I would
066. How do you feel when the person you love leaves you: its so sad
067. What do you have do after writing this: meeting with the Stage Director
068. Items next to you: Minhwan’s notebook, audiocard
069. Items on your bed: I’m on the sofa right now
070. A memorable CF: Hwang Jeongeum’s Handphone CF
071. Drama you’re into lately: none
072. My first impression by other people: I look like a kind person who studies really hard
073. Celebrities you resemble: Kangin, TOP and Jang Geunseok
074. Favourite Sport: Soccer and basketball
075. Current Hairstyle: short
076. Favourite Season: Winter
077. Things in your bag: Sunglasses, lyrics book, propolis
078. Bank account: They took mine away
079. When do you feel cheap? I cant remember when but its happened
080. Friend you dislike most: well I don’t meet my friends now so..
081. Current worries? 2nd Album
082. Dream you dream often? None
083. Thing you want? Car driver’s license
084. Place you want to go? New zealand
086. Your ideal girl? Innocent with a slight charm
087. Do you like cute girls? sometimes
088. Tough or cute guys? Guys.. that can relate to me
089. Celebrity you want to be like? Mm.. I want to find my own style
090. How do you approach the person you like? At first I cant easily talk to them
091. How do you confess your feelings to the person you like? It differs for each person
092. Skinny or chubby girls? In between
093. Skinny and weak guys, Average guy, muscular guy, or big guy? Why do you keep asking about guys – am I some pervert
094. Person precious to you: there is someone
095. Something you always buy to eat / drink when you out: Caramel Macchiato
096. Favourite icecream from baskin n robbins? Mister Almond
097. If you were reborn on this world? Just like now
098. How much longer do you want to live? Until my kids have children
099. Sites you visit often: Cyworld, Daum
100. How did you feel about this 100 truths: mm.. slightly tiring

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